I am a socially engaged artist, designer and creative producer.

My participatory approach encourages the exploration of multi disciplinary art forms to encourage self-expression and creative experimentation. Process led artistic collaboration is at the heart of my practice. 

Working with people and communities, I connect ideas and creativity to place, identity, heritage and science. 

Exploring the intersection of STEM thinking in digital and analogue realms, I’m interested in seeking out both visible and hidden patterns within found and supplied data. From architectural artefacts, bio images to historical archives and beyond, I tell stories that nod to the past, present and future, subverting traditional ideals into dynamic provocations.

With a background in surface design and print, my work is bold, playful and inquisitive.

I’ve been commissioned across a diverse range of settings including internationally recognised galleries, museums, educational and cultural organisations.

Currently based at Islington Mill in Salford, UK where I founded Salford Makers CIC in 2017 and co-founded screen print specialists One69A in 2009.

Visit the projects page to see a selection of commissioned works and find me on instagram.