IGNITE / Yorkshire Sculpture Park

In 2013, I was commissioned by the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to deliver the Ignite Programme, an initiative aimed at enhancing creative skills. Over the course of the academic year, I collaborated with 20 primary and secondary schools, dedicating 1 to 5 days as an artist in residence with each school.

The primary objective of the programme was to foster learning and skill development for both students and teachers. I tailored a bespoke learning curriculum for each school to address the specific educational requirements of the students. Together, we explored printmaking techniques, concepts, and ideas, culminating in the creation of original artworks.

Furthermore, I co-developed a comprehensive teacher’s resource, designed to serve as a lasting legacy for the project. This resource included detailed step-by-step instructions, material lists, and applications tailored to various key stages. Consequently, educators were empowered to sustain printmaking activities beyond the duration of my residency.

I have since continued to work as a creative practitioner for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park engaging with adults, families and schools alongside word class exhibitions and collections.