Us. Here.Now. / Turnpike Gallery

In 2020, I was commissioned by The Turnpike Gallery as part of the US. HERE. NOW. program to collaborate with students from the Newbridge Learning Community, exploring the themes of identity, place, and the future.

Together, we embarked on a journey of creativity, drawing inspiration from both contemporary and traditional textile styles and designers. The students crafted textile motifs that reflected their interpretations of our themes.

Using their designs, I created banners that were installed in Bradshawgate in Leigh town centre, showcasing a curated selection of their artwork. Through this public artwork, the students have had the opportunity to see their creations become an integral part of the local landscape.

The process of exploring identity through printmaking has been transformative for the students, instilling in them a sense of pride in their ideas and fostering connections between their present selves and future aspirations within the community.

By collaborating with a professional artist throughout the creative process, the students have gained a profound sense of personal worth and accomplishment, elevating their aspirations for the future.

This project has provided the students with a platform to claim space, share their voices, and forge connections with the wider community. It has empowered them to take ownership of their work and recognise the positive impact they have made on their local environment.

It was a privilege to collaborate with such a talented group of young people, especially during such challenging times. Their resilience and creativity have been truly inspiring.

Photography by Jody Hartley