Wagon Tales Community Heritage / Analogue Farm, Bacup

Wagon Tales Bacup stands as a project by Analogue Farm, dedicated to honouring the profound legacy of wild horses and their integral role in the heritage of Rossendale in Lancashire.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of horse brasses, I collaborated with the local community to co-create an original textile design. This design was part of the restoration of a traditional bow top wagon. On the 26th of November 2022, adorned with the newly crafted design, the wagon took to the streets of Bacup alongside Horse and Bamboo Theatre as part of the Wagon Tales community festival. Beyond its symbolic presence, the wagon is poised to serve as a valuable community asset, doubling as a touring library and events space for local gatherings.

The success of this project owes much to the collective efforts of numerous creatives and community members including the great folks at Analogue Farm. Click here for further insights into their great work.

‘Analogue Farm is a community interest company based in a rural location in Rossendale connecting the arts, nature and heritage through events, exhibitions and participatory workshops. These draw upon and highlight the nature, folklore and history of our surrounding landscape. Our artistic approach focuses on ‘slow media’ – supposedly outmoded technologies and practices that involve direct tactile engagement with materials and the land. We understand plants, trees, wildlife and community as of utmost importance, aiming to benefit future generations beyond our lifetime.’