Rediscovering the Underbanks / Stockport City Council

Visit Stockport in Manchester to see this mural created by Tasha Whittle, Anne Louise Kershaw and myself for the heritage regeneration of the Underbanks – a hidden gem of independent businesses and creatives, tucked away along the cobbled back streets of the historic old town.

Inspired by the three converging rivers, the industrious people of Stockport and botanicals found along the water’s edge, you can venture up the steps by the Queens Heads to find it nestled away between Petersgate and the Underbanks. 

Running clear from Stockport to the sea 

We are the source of the spring 

You can put a well pretty much anywhere in Stockport and life will come from it 

This is where things begin 

Botanical prints & screen prints onto wood by me

Paint & illustration by Tasha Whittle 

Words by Anne Louise Kershaw

Vinyl & wood cut by M3 Industries