You Are What You Eat / Box on the Docks, Media City

Commissioned by Hemingway Design, I created a greenhouse design for outdoor diners at the award winning place making project, Box on the Docks at Media City in Salford in the summer of 2021.

The design is a playful take on the proverbial saying, “you are what you eat” as guests are immersed in their own and each other’s eternal reflection as they dine. 

My practice involves working with scientists from The Wellcome Centre for Cell Matrix Research at the University of Manchester and the inspiration for the box came from the work of Professor Sheena Cruickshank who is an immunologist in Biomedical Science.  Sheena’s research looks into the gut microbiome and the impact of diet on our health and wellbeing.

BBC Sounds also curated a playlist specifically for my piece that you can listen to via bluetooth speakers whilst you dine. 

Photography by Jack Kirwin